ABACUT CHIEFTAIN'S LOUNGE is designed to bring businessmen and decision makers together for everyone's mutual benefit.
With exclusive events and more, we expand your reach and help you grow your business.
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The ABACUT LIFESTYLE CARD is more than just a discount card. With significant discounts for a wide range of products and services, together with exclusive promotions, we enhance your shopping experience and expand your shopping horizons.
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The initial idea behind ABACUT was formulated in a discussion over a a glass or two of wine between the founding directors, Jim Hendry and Marcel de Roode about the benefits or otherwise of being a member of a Chamber of Commerce. From their individual awareness they considered that the Chambers, although well intentioned, were primarily aimed at their own Nationals with limited attendance from the wider International community at their monthly events resulting in a somewhat insular agenda. From these preliminary thoughts  THE CHIEFTAIN’S LOUNGE was formed to bring the Romanian and expat business communities together along with leaders and influencers in the Public Services, the Diplomatic and professional worlds.The primary principle of THE CHIEFTAIN’S LOUNGE is to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect between all members no matter the nationality based on the simple tenet that we can all learn from each other in both a business and cultural sense.

From this starting point we decided that our annual fee would be the same for all members, no matter the size of the company or profession they represent to create a feeling of equality for all. In addition, to give our members more added value, we formulated a plan to offer a discount card to be included in the annual fee, which would allow our members savings in their day to day family shopping experience. Thus the Lifestyle Card was born.

Although, the Lifestyle card was first conceived as a benefit for our Chieftain’s Lounge members, we very quickly concluded it should be made available to the general public. With that in mind we set about approaching a wide variety of retail outlets to appeal to the needs of all card holders, no matter their budget or income. Unlike other discount or loyalty cards, our concept also provides cardholders the opportunity to earn as well as save money. Additionally, we offer all our outlets free marketing on our website as well as other income generating benefits, which will hopefully enable us to  reach our target of 250 or more outlets in Bucharest alone by the end of July. Our expansion plans will include opening new outlets in Constanta and the Sinaia-Brasov corridor later this year. 

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Eighth Show on Radio Guerrilla
Special Guest - Alison Mutler
Special Host - Marcel de Roode

Corporate Social Responsibility

ABACUT, in appreciation of the charitable work carried out by two major NGO charities, namely Casa Iona and Light into Europe,  have already committed to give 5% of its net profit in its first year, which we trust will be subject to an upward review with these two or combined with other charities.

We strongly believe and feel that any self respecting and successful business has a duty to give back to society some of the rewards of their good fortune. For that reason we will be offering special rates for the Lifestyle Card to Public sector employees engaged in the Health, Law enforcement, Education, Military, Fire and Rescue services.

To use your card with Drive2U

To obtain your discount from Drive2U, please call on 021 9133 or email contact@drive2u.ro to confirm your reservation, and provide your personal card code, as shown below.