Our Founding Partners

Jim Hendry

Jim is a proud Scot with a long history in international banking, business development and military intelligence.
Currently working as a Business Development Consultant in Romania, previously specialising in negotiations between multinationals and government offices, and is a founder member of ABACUT.

Marcel de Roode

Marcel is from the Netherlands.
Fast-learning Commercial Director with a drive to succeed and a strong track record in Sales, Marketing, Communication and Management.
Marcel's background is in Finance, Business and Media in the Netherlands and Romania.

Charles Vernon

As Managing Partner at Vernon | David, Charles specialises in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and corporate finance.
He has extensive experience in M&A and real estate matters and during the last several years has completed billions of dollars in such transactions in Eastern Europe.

Steve Allison

Steve used to be British. Now he's not so sure because after 25 years in Romania he keeps being told he's Romanian now.
Let's say he's a citizen of Europe. Might be handy post-Brexit.
Independent IT Consultant with over 35 years in the business, at all levels and with companies of all sizes around UK, Europe and Africa.
Providing IT support and advice to ABACUT since day one, which earns him a place on this page.

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